Title Opinions

Oklahoma and Texas licensed title attorneys examine land records and determine title to lands for preparing Drill Site Title Opinions and Division Order Title Opinions. The modern drilling methods of operators and producers, like horizontal wells involving multiple sections of land or vertical completions in two or more producing zones, typically involve multiple depth splits and complex ownership titles. Regulatory orders affecting the title and unitization of lands that include rivers and town sites also complicate the task of determining and reflecting accurate ownership. Our attorneys bring over 80 combined years of experience to the increasingly complex field of determining surface, mineral and leasehold ownership.

Legal Services

  • Online or “stand-up” review of land records, examination of digital files and/or abstract review to chain surface, mineral and leasehold title
  • Building of Excel ownership schedules for Drill Site and Divisions Order Title Opinions
  • Applying Oklahoma or Texas Title Standards to determine title defects and incorporating such knowledge into succinct and user-friendly curative requirements
  • Interactive communications with clients as problems arise in the process of preparing opinions covering complex mineral or leasehold titles