Energy Joint Venture, Marketing and Other Contracts

Energy companies routinely negotiate with co-owners to develop jointly held assets, including marketing and other midstream contracts. Often, a company that has no plans to develop “deep rights” will negotiate with another to farm out such rights, retaining overriding royalty or reversionary interests. In other cases, an operator wishes to drill but finds itself unable to bear its full share of costs, thus giving rise to negotiation with third parties to “sell down” and spread both risk and expense. Alternative energy providers, like wind and solar, hire counsel to negotiate leases and other contracts. Our attorneys ably assist energy companies with these needs.

Legal Services

  • Drilling and Development Agreements
  • Term Assignments and Leases
  • Farmout Contracts
  • Produced Water Transportation, Treatment and Disposal Contracts
  • Joint Operating Agreements
  • Exploration Agreements
  • “Drillco” or other Participation Agreements
  • Gas Marketing Agreements
  • Gas Gathering, Processing and Treating Agreements
  • Solar and Wind Contracts and Leases
  • Drilling Contracts, Master Services Agreement and other Vendor Contracts