Pray Walker 40th Anniversary Badge


The Firm’s energy practice emerged from Oklahoma’s deep roots in the domestic oil and gas industry. In the early days of the Firm’s 30-year history, the Energy Law Group was heavily involved in Department of Energy and oil import work. Central to the Energy Law Group’s development was a recognition of the key role played by the independent producer in Oklahoma’s oil and gas industry. The Firm’s close kinship with Oklahoma producers is evident through the leadership positions occupied by the group’s attorneys in a number of industry associations, including the Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association, Energy Advocates and the Tulsa Association of Petroleum Landmen.

As deregulation came to the pipeline and gas marketing segments of the industry, the Energy Law Group began representing gas gatherers and other “midstream” companies engaged in transporting natural gas and other hydrocarbons from the wellhead to the interconnect with interstate pipelines. Pray Walker’s Energy Law Group also represents drilling and other service companies, banks involved in energy lending, and a number of international oil and gas companies. In addition, section members actively participate in the drafting and evaluation of legislation affecting the Oklahoma oil and gas industry.